Fargo Day 5: Cadet freestyle quarterfinals set

InterMat Staff

The opening day of the Cadet National freestyle tournament narrowed the field down to the quarterfinals in each weight class, and that round will take place starting at 9:30 a.m. CT on Thursday morning. In weight classes 88 to 120, there are 16 total wrestlers in the field; while for 126 pounds on up, there are 24 total wrestlers remaining. Quarterfinalists have to win one match to earn an All-American finish, while wrestlers in consolation have to win either the next two or three matches.

Keegan Moore (Photo/Jeff Beshey, The Guillotine)
All three wrestlers eligible for a Cadet Triple Crown after the Greco-Roman leg advanced to the quarterfinals. None of the three -- Jaden Enriquez (California) at 126, Beau Breske (Wisconsin) at 170, or Keegan Moore (Minnesota) at 182 -- should be tested in their quarterfinal bout.

The biggest shock of the night took place in the round of 16 where the nation's No. 2 ranked Class of 2017 prospect, Brady Berge (Minnesota) was pinned by Cadet Greco-Roman champion Matthew Park (Idaho) in under one minute at 145 pounds.

The other staggering note is that Illinois has quarterfinalists in 15 of the 17 weight classes, and 20 in all. Next in line is Pennsylvania with 13 in the quarterfinals, Ohio with 9 in the quarters, Missouri with 8, with Indiana and New Jersey at 7 each. Given that quality, one can see how they absolutely torched the field at the Cadet Duals last month in Daytona Beach.

Below are the quarterfinal pairings, as well as consolation round of 16 matchups for those weights down to that.


Quarterfinals: Malik Heinselman (Colorado) vs. Jaret Lane (Pennsylvania), Jared Kosman (Connecticut) vs. Patrick McKee (Minnesota); Luke Pradel (Illinois) vs. Jason Holmes (Arizona), Mosha Schwartz (Colorado) vs. Brandon Kaylor (Washington)

Consolation 16: Foley (Minnesota) vs. Day, Jr. (Oregon), Phippen (Kansas) vs. Stutzman (Utah); Del Rio IV (Arizona) vs. Simpson (Oklahoma), Melendez (Illinois) vs. Dentino (Wisconsin)


Quarterfinals: Nicolas Aguilar (California) vs. Peter Ogunsanya (Illinois), Drew Schafer (New York) vs. Ryan Chauvin (Colorado); Holden Heller (Illinois) vs. Elijah Varona (Florida), Dylan D'Emilio (Ohio) vs. Rhett Golowenski (Oklahoma)

Consolation 16: Olenik (California) vs. McKenna (Illinois), Keeley (Illinois) vs. Green (Pennsylvania); Millage (Iowa) vs. Varchenger (North Dakota), Kerr (Oregon) vs. Meikel (Utah)


Quarterfinals: Noah Fye (Iowa) vs. Marcus Povlick (Illinois), Roman Bravo-Young (Arizona) vs. Matt Parker (Pennsylvania); Boo Dryden (Kansas) vs. Clayton Singh (Missouri), Max Murin (Pennsylvania) vs. Joseph Thomas (Maryland)

Consolation 16: Rivera (Illinois) vs. Gomez (New York), Kohlberg (Illinois) vs. White (Indiana); D. Koontz (Wisconsin) vs. Craig (Maine), O'Reilly (New York) vs. B. Koontz (Wisconsin)


Quarterfinals: Drew Mattin (Ohio) vs. Paul Konrath (Indiana), Jordan Martinez (Colorado) vs. Zach Sherman (New Jersey); Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) vs. Ian Timmins (Nevada), Anthony Madrigal (Illinois) vs. Sidney Oliver (Missouri)

Consolation 16: Trybus (Maryland) vs. Skudlarczy (Texas), Macias (Illinois) vs. Gliva (Minnesota); Lajoie (Michigan) vs. Gerardi (Virginia), McGee (Illinois) vs. Molitor (Minnesota)


Quarterfinals: Ty Agaisse (New Jersey) vs. Bryce West (Iowa), Austin Gomez (Illinois) vs. Ian Parker (Michigan); Tim Kane (Connecticut) vs. Josh Copeland (Oklahoma), Ben Freeman (Michigan) vs. Andrew Merola (New Jersey)

Consolation 16: Chalifoux (Tennessee) vs. Kaldes (Pennsylvania), Karstetter (Oklahoma) vs. Treaster (Kansas); Jones (Minnesota) vs. Bianchi (Wisconsin), Young (Washington) vs. Hoskins (Ohio)


Quarterfinals: Yianni Diakomihalis (New York) vs. Garrett Lambert (Ohio), Coltan Williams (Texas) vs. Tate Carney (Kansas); Dylan Duncan (Illinois) vs. Joe Lee (Indiana), Vitali Arujau (New York) vs. Peter Del Gallo (Maine)

Consolation 16: Wasser (Pennsylvania) vs. Long (Pennsylvania), Bergeland (Minnesota) vs. Johnson (Oregon); Piotrowski (Illinois) vs. Leisure (Iowa), Storr (Michigan) vs. van der Merwe (New Jersey)


Quarterfinals: Morgan Fuenfinger (Minnesota) vs. Chad Red (Indiana), Zachary Krause (Illinois) vs. Taylor LaMont (Utah); Jaden Enriquez (California) vs. Chris Sandoval (Colorado), Corey Shie (Ohio) vs. Quentin Hovis (Arizona)


Quarterfinals: Aaron Kruk (Illinois) vs. Jamie Hernandez (Illinois), Jaron Chavez (Idaho) vs. Ben Anderson (Utah); Eric Hong (Pennsylvania) vs. Trysten Perales (Washington), Parker Filius (Montana) vs. Nick Lee (Indiana)


Quarterfinals: Shayne Oster (Illinois) vs. Jaryn Curry (Oklahoma), Adrian Ojeda (Nevada) vs. Domenick Demas (Ohio); Josiah Rider (Colorado) vs. Devin Bahr (Wisconsin), Colin Clingenpeel (Iowa) vs. Ethan Karsten (Missouri)


Quarterfinals: Layne Van Anrooy (Oregon) vs. Jared Verkleeren (Pennsylvania), Anthony Mantanona (California) vs. Jacob Covaciu (Indiana); Trevell Timmons (Illinois) vs. Matthew Park (Idaho), Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania) vs. Anthony Cheloni (Illinois)


Quarterfinals: Jordan Blankenship (Missouri) vs. Jake Woodley (Pennsylvania), Nathaniel Morris (Illinois) vs. Jimmy Saylor (Pennsylvania); Anthony Sherry (Iowa) vs. Avery DiNardi (New Jersey), Trey Meyer (Washington) vs. Jeremiah Moody (Wisconsin)


Quarterfinals: Jacob Gray (Indiana) vs. Jacob Warner (Illinois), Owen Webster (Minnesota) vs. Nigel Feliz (New Jersey); Davis Perry (Alabama) vs. Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey), Ben Darmstadt (Ohio) vs. A.J. Alford (South Carolina)


Quarterfinals: Jack Jessen (Illinois) vs. Andrew Buckey (Missouri), Beau Breske (Wisconsin) vs. Braden Best (Missouri); Evan Ronsen (Minnesota) vs. Kamal Bey (Illinois), Jared Siegrist (Pennsylvania) vs. James Handwerk (Ohio)


Quarterfinals: John Jakobsen (Pennsylvania) vs. Antonio Agee (Virginia), Keegan Moore (Minnesota) vs. Haydn Maley (Oregon); Tyler Self (Oregon) vs. Wyatt Koelling (Utah), Isaac Luellen (Kansas) vs. Christian Brunner (Illinois)


Quarterfinals: Bailey Kelly (Kansas) vs. Matt Stencel (Ohio), Matthew Correnti (New Jersey) vs. Troy Allen (Virginia); Kobe Woods (Indiana) vs. Zane Black (Pennsylvania), Wyatt Harden (Michigan) vs. Brian Barnes (Oregon)


Quarterfinals: Casey Jumps (Missouri) vs. Cole Nye (Pennsylvania), Brandon Musselman (Missouri) vs. Luke Ready (Michigan); Brett Winters (Alabama) vs. Gannon Gremmel (Iowa), Anthony Piscopo (Pennsylvania) vs. Christian Ayala (California)


Quarterfinals: Kevin Vough (Ohio) vs. Nick Grujanac (Illinois), Bryan Ditchman (Illinois) vs. Osawaru Odighizuwa (Oregon); Trenton Lieurance (Oklahoma) vs. Blayne Burnett (Oregon), Levi Seabolt (Georgia) vs. Hunter Mullins (Washington)


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