JJ Classic Profile

Brandon Klein

Graduating Class:
 Stoughton, WI
High School:
Weight Class:


Year Event Style Weight Class Placement
2013 Border War Nationals (Michigan) Folkstyle 103 Champion
2013 State champ Wisconsin Freestyle 94 Champion
2013 3 rd State Wisconsin Greco-Roman 94 Third Place
2013 Brute Nationals Folkstyle 95 Third Place
2013 Corn Cob Nationls Folkstyle 95 Second Place
2013 2 nd Place wisconsin state Folkstyle 90 Second Place
2012 Big Horn Nationals (Colorado) Folkstyle 95 Second Place
2012 Corn Cob Nationals Folkstyle 85 Champion

Varsity Records

Season Wins Losses Weight Class State Placement
2012-2013 70 12 95 Champion

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